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Live chat transcript
Topic Started: Nov 29 2014, 09:19 PM (18,426 Views)
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Nothing But The Rain

Edited questions and answers summary here, courtesy of Luciene.

IRC name mappings:
MrCat is Captain Internets
Faquarl is Jonah
Nala is Jen
ghostjar is evillaugh

* Jonathan___ has joined
<Faquarl> thanks for remembering
<Faquarl> I was DEPRAC
<Jonathan___> No problem! Nice to be back with you all!
* Jonathan___ is now known as Guest96275
<Sentynel> oops
<MrCat> haha
<Faquarl> omg
<lilacdream> ok thats weird
<Nala> yay
<Guest96275> Er... what's all that mean?
<Sentynel> Jonathan: if you type /nick JonathanStroud you should be okay
* Guest96275 is now known as JonathanStroud
<Sentynel> right, okay!
<Faquarl> Hello Stroud!
<JonathanStroud> Ah! That's better!
<lilacdream> Hello!
<MrCat> welcome
<JonathanStroud> Hello all! Where are you all typing from?
<Nala> Hello :D
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<Sentynel> okay, welcome ladies and gents, to the second Lockwood live chat!
<JonathanStroud> Is it really a year since our last one?
<ghostjar> phew, i made it
<Faquarl> Yes
<Nala> Feels like yesterday! I'm typing from Norway
<lilacdream> It's been even more than a year
<JonathanStroud> Sheesh. Sorry I've been away so long. Hello Norway!
<Faquarl> The United States is where I'm typing from. I think
<Sentynel> I'm in England, but you knew that!
<Faquarl> Can't be too sure these days
<MrCat> I am typing from Newcastle, the cold and barren north
<JonathanStroud> Well, how's the Forum been going?
<JonathanStroud> Good city, Newcastle. I always love it when I go there .
<ghostjar> pretty good, actually
<Sentynel> still ticking over, had a lot of interesting discussion about Whispering Skull
<AnnabelWard> UK here. Jenny again :o) Hi!
* Nala coughs
<Nala> I am also Jenny.
<JonathanStroud> I guess that Bart still rules here at the Forums, but glad to hear that Lockwood is getting a look in too!
<JonathanStroud> Hi Jenny x 2
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<JonathanStroud> Hello Ada.
* Ama_ has joined
<Ada_> Hi!
<AnnabelWard> If there's a live chat and I kno about it I'm bound to be lurking somwhere...
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<Sentynel> hello, latecomers, welcome aboard etc
<JonathanStroud> Sorry I had to alter the time, by the way. Local logistics. But glad to see you all now.
<AnnabelWard> If there's a live chat and I know about it I'm bound to be lurking somewhere...
<ghostjar> yyesss
<Faquarl> we're lurkers we lurk it's what we do
<Faquarl> from the shadows
<lilacdream> Indeed.
<Faquarl> spoopy
<Sentynel> right, so, I guess if we want to get started with the questions now would be a good time =)
<AnnabelWard> Oops sorry didn't mean to type twice
<drmej> Hello! I'm so excited!
<Faquarl> okay sorry
<JonathanStroud> Hello drmej!
<Nala> Can I just say that I LOVE the book so much! I can't stop thinking about it which is embarrassing considering my age!
<AnnabelWard> Oops it's posting twice, sorry :S iPad very large on live chat
<JonathanStroud> Well, curiously enough, in answer to Faquarl's question, George is very fond of an Arabian Nights comic featuring a djinni.
<lilacdream> Same here! The book is amazing!
<ghostjar> HAHAHA
<JonathanStroud> I keep adding that detail, and then taking it out again.
<Faquarl> oh jeez
<Sentynel> George clearly has excellent taste in literature
<JonathanStroud> It's in the current draft of book 3 right now.
<Faquarl> its not barilek is it
<lilacdream> Hehe
<AnnabelWard> Haha
<Faquarl> Is it the swans of araby
<Faquarl> I bet its the swans of araby
<ghostjar> ooo
<AnnabelWard> Not large, lagged...
<JonathanStroud> George would probably be a big fan of Swans of Araby. I'm not sure he has the best taste, aesthetically,.
<Faquarl> I knew it
<drmej> My chat is glitching... I'll be right back, gotta refresh
<Nala> are lucy and george going to admit their mutual attraction in the third book? (asking the important questions...)
<JonathanStroud> Thanks, Nala, for your kind words a minute or two back. And Lilacdream!
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<ghostjar> well, lockwood, with his gossip magazines, isn't much better
<lilacdream> You're welcome! :D
<Sentynel> so I had a question about the ghost jar - it seems to be active during the day, though less so than at night. is that related to the jar, or being a type three, or something else?
<lilacdream> Good question!
<JonathanStroud> Blimey. Nala gets straight to the point with her question there. Well, I think neither of them is very good at talking about that kind of stuff, and Lucy would probably impale you if you suggested that was the case anyway.
<AnnabelWard> Hmm that's an interesting point, didn't notice that
<ghostjar> or the fact that lockwwod and co are asleep at that time?'
<JonathanStroud> Yes, I don't think Lockwood has particularly good taste either, in some ways. He thinks he has.
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<Ama_> I have a question about the timeline of the story. How can the boy, who died 30 years ago in combe carey halll at the age of twelve, have been a childhood friend o penelope fittes, if she, after my calculation, cannot be older than 30?
<JonathanStroud> Good question from Sentinel indeed. I think it's mainly related to the ghost-jar: being silver-glass, it clearly protects the outside world from the ghost, but it also, in some ways, protects the ghost from the outside world - in this case the full powers of sunlight. The skull is also pretty potent, so that has to be taken into consideration.
<Faquarl> I got a good question - what's going on in the field of archaeology?
<MrCat> yeah, are there ancient ghosts knocking around?
<ghostjar> the sound...of silence...
<Faquarl> Homo erectus
<JonathanStroud> Hello Ama_ ! Hmm, timeline question. Ah-ha, well, I'm not sure that I've ever commented on Penelope Fittes' precise age. She may look pretty good, but she's not necessarily a spring chicken.
<Ada_> How are morgues operating? Do they have a law that a Sensitive must be present at all times during night shifts or did they just get rid of night shifts altogether?
<Faquarl> I'm just wondering how far back these ghosts can go. Like would we see the ghost of the Turkana Boy, a hominid who died in the early Pleistocene?
<lilacdream> I have a question to the glossary. It is implied that the Talent still lingers in some grown-ups. Is this a significant sentence?
<JonathanStroud> I think archaeology - certainly in the UK - is considered a fairly dangerous profession. Certain branches of the big agencies, and large corps, like the Sunrise Corporation, have specially protected divisions hunting for interesting old things (in the hope of finding psychically potent objects), but in general terms people don't like digging stuff up for fear of what they might find. In terms of ghosts, most ghosts are rel
<JonathanStroud> ...rare.
<ghostjar> so, the graveyard shift is a bit more literal :P
<MrCat> Wasn't there a line saying that murder victims have like a 100% chance of coming back
<DrMeh> I'm minoring in archaeology! I was wondering the same thing. There's a lot of commercial archaeology that needs to be done before construction can begin on land, so I was wondering if that played into the story in any way?
<Nala> Jonathan: I have another question related to the origin of the Problem. Is there anything you can tell us about it? Was it brought on by humans, and specifically, was the Orpheus society involved?
<MrCat> or am I failing at maths again
<JonathanStroud> Morgues: will be festooned with lavender, iron, salt and other protective devices. They'll be heavily guarded by night-watch kids and probably have Sensitives working there, as you say, but there are pretty stringent conditions about dealing with bodies, and no corpse remains unburied (or uncremated) for long.
<JonathanStroud> Not sure it was 100%, was it.... *goes off to have a look*
<Sentynel> I don't think it was 100%, just really high
<MrCat> I think it said 65% after one year and 35% after two, which I just realised I probably misinterpreted <_<
<ghostjar> does the type of ghost have to do with the murdered person or the murderer?
<JonathanStroud> Yep, 65%. In the first year. Mind you, that's just some bloke working for DEPRAC. He may not be correct.
<Ama_> When her grandmother fougt the ghost of the highwayman in1962 , she must have been a very young girl, because children loose their talent, when they reach adult age. So i suppose,that penelope's father must have been born after that event, and even if he fathered his daughter at the early age of 20 or 21, that means penelope was born in the mid 1980s.
<JonathanStroud> Good question about type of ghost. There are lots of theories about why a particular person becomes a Lurker, a Poltergeist, a Spectre or whatever, but no one is really sure. The most likely idea is that particularly nasty demises, or nasty persons, are more likely to be more potent, or more malevolent, when they return. But it's speculation.
<ghostjar> i've noticed that type ones are more likely to be suicides than type two. is that right?
<JonathanStroud> Going back to archaeology, you're right that the Problem will have all sorts of connotations for lots of different professions. Part of the interest for me is figuring out how the society will have changed thanks to its unfortunate ghostly epidemic.
<AnnabelWard> Our bath leaked through the kitchen ceiling the other week, all I could think of was the Changer in the Red Room as I saw the drips coming through the ceiling... *shudder* Gave me the creeps!
<lilacdream> Spooky...
<JonathanStroud> Nala gets to the heart of the matter with another question: origin of the Problem. I'm afraid I can't go into any details, but suffice to say that LW & Co. will begin to uncover clues about it, and soon.
<ghostjar> creepy... Oooo...
<Sentynel> one of the things I love so much about Lockwood's world is the amount of thought that's gone into how society changes with ghosts, actually
<ghostjar> is the origin and source of the problem going to be the endgame?
<DrMeh> I agree, I love that about your books, Mr. Stroud. How do you go about figuring out how society changes according to the novum of your story?
<Nala> Will we be seeing our beloved characters moving into the Orient at some point? We kind of know by now that you don't shy away from more exotic locations... :)
<AnnabelWard> I stood there thinking "Lucky it's the kitchen, the salt's in the cupboard..."
<ghostjar> hahahaha
<JonathanStroud> Re: Ama__'s question at 19.51: hmm... I'll need to double-check my timeline on that one. But I stand by my comment that Penelope is pretty well preserved.
<lilacdream> In the German edition Penelope is Marissa Fittes daughter
<ghostjar> that fits
<JonathanStroud> Good spot from Ghostjar at 19.53: I think you're right there. Type Ones are, on balance, more self-absorbed and less aggressive than type twos. I expect some suicides (such as the Cold Maiden that attacks Lucy, LW and Flo down by the river) ARE dangerous, because motivated by anger. But many won't be, and so will be type 1.
<lilacdream> Well, in The Screaming Staircase. They changed it in the Whispering Skull.
<AnnabelWard> We don't have iron filings in the sink though :(
<lilacdream> There is running water ;)
<Sentynel> ghost defence mechanics question - iron circles work to confine or exclude ghosts, and yet a three-dimensional container like the coffin only needs a small gap for the contents to escape - what's special about the iron circle that produces three-dimensional protection where a nearly-sealed container doesn't?
<JonathanStroud> Ooh, leaky baths and dripping ceilings... not nice, AnnabelWard. And you can't get rid of it with a salt-bomb either.
<AnnabelWard> True
* Ama_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
<AnnabelWard> It's ok, the builders are still here so it's all fixed now
<MrCat> if ghosts can't cross running water, what about all the underground water pipes
<MrCat> how high does the effect go, vertically
<ghostjar> what do we need for home-made saltbombs?
<JonathanStroud> Thanks, Sentynel: the thing I quite like is the double focus. When they go into a haunted house it's all about conjuring the scares of a classic ghost story. But when they're outside again, there's lots of other stuff that stem from it, which take the story in different directions.
<JonathanStroud> Yes, I think Pen IS Marissa's daughter. I was worried that I'd messed that one up. That would make the timeframe more plausible, I think.
<Faquarl> Small note, but I feel like All Soul's Day took on a whole new meaning as a holiday after the problem.
<JonathanStroud> Oh... and it's changed in WS is it? Uh oh. I'll have to look at this!
<ghostjar> and halloween too, i bet
<Faquarl> Day of the Dead, anyone?
<MrCat> I liked that film
<AnnabelWard> Not unless I can go armed to the teeth!
<Faquarl> The Book of Life film? MrCat
<MrCat> day of the dead...never mind
<lilacdream> Well, I don't know how it was in the English edition. I can only remember the German translation now.
<JonathanStroud> Hmm: Sentynel's question at 19.59 is a sticky one. My immediate answer has to be that the contents of that particular coffin were so potent that they were able to manifest through the small hole, but I take your point, there is a slight 2D/3D issue here. Perhaps a physics major could help me construct a case that the interlinkign components of the iron chains somehow emanate a kind of invisible criss-cross nexus that rises
<JonathanStroud> one though.
<luciene> Hi mr stroud
<lilacdream> Oh. I have another question from my cousin. She asks if the book will be translated into the Polish language as well. :)
<Sentynel> Bickerstaff's ghost is later confined by an iron circle, so it's not just the strength of his ghost (though that must make a difference, as we see with the red room in the first book)
<JonathanStroud> I think running water is generally pretty good at keeping ghosts away. The thing is, though: most ghosts don't travel very far at all, so you can have lots of underground pipes and other things fairly close by, and it won't acutally affect the haunting.
<Sentynel> I shall have to put my physics major hat on and have a think about that, though =)
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<JonathanStroud> Home-made saltbombs? My grandfather used to make homemade fireworks when he was a kid, and let them off in the streets of London. He got the gunpowder and things from the local chemist. Times have changed, sadly. A salt-bomb is really just a lot of compacted salt, possibly with a tiny central charge that sends it flying when the canister is broken. A bag of table salt, chucked at a ghost, should do just as well.
<ghostjar> hmm
<Nala> Going to repeat my question cause i'm really interested to know: will you be moving our protagonists into the orient at some point, to unlock the mysteries of lockwood's parents' deaths +++ ?
<MrCat> what about rock salt ammo for a gun?
<MrCat> /supernatural
<Sentynel> dave: we asked about that last live chat
<MrCat> did we?
<Sentynel> yes.
<ghostjar> yes
<MrCat> well sorry
<Faquarl> Sounds like an american thing to do
<JonathanStroud> Re. Faquarl 20.02: Yes, All Souls Day/Halloween aren't quite the bumper-fun festival days that we know and enjoy in our own version of modern Earth.
<JonathanStroud> Hello Luciene - how are you?
<ghostjar> do the spirits get more powerful on those days, or is it just a custom?
<lilacdream> It really seems like that, right?
<JonathanStroud> Polish edition: I don't think this is sorted yet. I have high hopes, though, because we had a great Polish Bart... Fingers crossed!
<Faquarl> It's too bad there isn't some form of internet yet, would be funny to see people blogging about ghosts
<AnnabelWard> I thought Faquarl was referencing the Mexican festival, where they have dinner in the graveyard with their ancestors. Sounds a bit risky in Lockwood's world!
<Faquarl> I was referencing to the Christian All Souls Day, as well as the Latin American Day of the Dead
<ghostjar> not everybody gets to be a ghost
<ghostjar> but those who do...
<JonathanStroud> Yes, Sentynel's right... I think all ghost defences are not really an exact science, though companies like Sunrise will aim to make it so. For some reason iron chains are particularly good at constraining or protecting, and it's got to be something to do with the shape/structure of the chain...
<ghostjar> hmm
<AnnabelWard> Ah ok
<ghostjar> much like a summoning pentacle?
* Aggron has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
<JonathanStroud> Hi Nala... Oh, sorry, did I miss that question. Well, we'll certainly be getting insights into LW's parents, and to their collection of interesting oriental objects, later in the series.
<Faquarl> I suppose ancestor worship has gone more into vogue, anyway
<JonathanStroud> I think you could certainly have salt-guns. In fact the Rotwell agency is probably moving into this area in book 3.
<AnnabelWard> I'm not sure they'd worship them, just hope they stayed dead!
<JonathanStroud> Supernatural?
<lilacdream> It's getting more dangerous.
<ghostjar> awesome
<Nala> It seems like the agencies put a lot of pressure on the kids working for them to perform well
<Nala> seems working for an agency comes at quite a high cost
<MrCat> it's a tv show about ghosts and stuff
<MrCat> just to steal another idea from the supernatural fans, what about iron hula hoops to have mobile protection?
<ghostjar> oh yeah, isn't the bbc gonna make something about ghosts?
<JonathanStroud> I can feel I'm getting quite behind with my answers now! Sorry. I don't think that particular days are worse or better for hauntings, but certain times of day/night are clearly more risky.
<ghostjar> a bit difficult to carry hoops in bags
<JonathanStroud> There's no internet, and the technology in general is rubbish because people have been too busy worrying about ghosts over the last 50 years to get on with other things.
<ghostjar> what technology do they have?
<MrCat> probably enough for collapsible hula hoops <_<
<ghostjar> i'm no expert, but aren't they rather a pain to set up quickly?
<Faquarl> Imagine agents agressively hoola hooping though
<JonathanStroud> Re: ghostjar: yes, there's got to be a similarity between B's pentacles and the chains: the actual chalk on Nat's bedroom isn't in any tangible sense a barrier - to us - but it emanates lines of force that constrain powerful entities. Same for LW's chains.
<ghostjar> interesting
<ghostjar> faquarl: that calls for some fanart
<Faquarl> I'm on it
<Faquarl> Lockwood has the hoops on it
<Faquarl> I have the technology
<JonathanStroud> Nala's right that the kids get a bum deal in general: some of the best agents have decent incomes, but all the poor night-watchers have a ropey time. Similar to sweatshops making T-shirts and trainers in our world...
<ghostjar> is the problem only in GB or is it a worldwide problem?
<lilacdream> Poor kids...
<JonathanStroud> Is the BBC making a ghosts show? You mean fiction? Could be good. Or not.
<Faquarl> Ah! my friend just sent me a message with all their questions in caps lock. what a good friend. They would like to know if Lockwood's sister was older or younger!
<Faquarl> Also they're curious as to the status of the third book.
<Faquarl> This is MUCH calmer than what they sent me
<ghostjar> and does lucy remind him of his sis?
<JonathanStroud> Technology: I think they're about 50 years behind. So there is TV, radio etc, but not in the zippy modern sense.
<lilacdream> Is there a title already for the third book?
<Nala> Tacking on to lockwood's sister questions: is lockwood hoping she is a type 3?
<ghostjar> i remember in TSS lockwood thought he was seeing someone else after being knocked out...
<JonathanStroud> LW and Co is unique in being a bunch of kids who pretty much do what they want. All the rest of the agencies have adults firmly in charge.
<ghostjar> there are so many questions about that sister
<ghostjar> are we going to learn more about flo?
<lilacdream> And a lot of theories...
<ghostjar> oh, yes indeed
<AnnabelWard> I couldn't even work out whether she was alive/dead or a ghost
<Faquarl> "did Flo have a thing for lockwood"
<JonathanStroud> The extent of the Problem... I can't give you a definitive answer on this. My current view is that it's mainly UK, but is spreading. Other countries may have similar issues. I find that I develop the wider ramifications of the world as I go through the series - it was the same with BArt - and some things aren't settled in my mind yet. #
<JonathanStroud> Lockwood's sister: Older.
<ghostjar> was she an agent?
<JonathanStroud> Status of third book. You mean how am I getting on? Going to be 4-5 more months of hard labour.
<JonathanStroud> Working title of third book: The Hollow Boy.
* mikefan has joined
<Faquarl> Yes! thank you
<JonathanStroud> Though that apparently doesn't work in German.
<lilacdream> Sounds interesting!
<JonathanStroud> Re. Ghostjar at 20.21: yes.
<ghostjar> der hohle junge
<ghostjar> why doesn't that work
<Nala> Question (sorry, I just have so many!): if say, lockwood and his crew all died tomorrow, and the problem was never "solved" - would the barriers between the lockwood world and the ghost world eventually completely disappear?
<JonathanStroud> RE: Nala's comment on LW's sister. His attitude to this is complex. Tune in for Book 3!
<Nala> (so excited!!!)
<JonathanStroud> There'll be more on Flo. I like her.
<ghostjar> and on kipps?
<JonathanStroud> I can't comment on Flo's relationship with LW.
<Faquarl> I am fond of Kipps
<ghostjar> ditto
<lilacdream> How old is Flo actually? She still has a very good Sight.
<ghostjar> how old is everybody exactly?
<AnnabelWard> I want to give Kipps a good slap. And Nathaniel...
<JonathanStroud> Ooh, Nala's question at 20.26: interesting... Now we're entering the realms of philosophy. In LW's world there are whole books of abstract speculation about this. George has probably read them all.
<JonathanStroud> Yes, I like Kipps too, in an odd way. There'll be more of him.
<ghostjar> i wish he could lend me them
<JonathanStroud> Flo is in her late teens, but you'd have to give her a pretty decent wash to find out more.
<Sentynel> lighthearted question: did Kate/Kat Godwin change her name between books 1 and 2, or does Kipps just have incredibly specific taste in assistants?
<ghostjar> when was the last time she ever was in a bathroom?
<Nala> she washes in the thames
<JonathanStroud> Exact ages are hard to come by from this author. I imagine LW is about a year older than Lucy.
<Faquarl> the description of George's mom reminded me of Mrs Underwood let's hope that house does not burn down
<ghostjar> so... about 15-16?
<Nala> ghost theory question time: can two type 3's communicate?
<ghostjar> or get ransacked by jarbor
<mikefan> greetings, I stumbled across this accidentally when trying to choose a good movie to watch hence my question: is there any news on the first book movie of the Bartimaeus Trilogy?
<ghostjar> oh dear, i think that topic is as old as 2009?
<JonathanStroud> Ha! Yes, Kate/Kat are the same (at least in my eyes). I think I regretted giving her such a boring name (nb. if any one of you is actually called Katherine, or variants, be assured that it's a great and regal name, and I love it dearly. But it's a bit drab in dialogue. So I changed her to Kat.
<JonathanStroud> It's hard to know when, if ever, Flo was last in a bathroom. She should go round to AnnabelWard's place and stand under her ceiling.
<AnnabelWard> Haha
<JonathanStroud> Re: Faquarl: yes, I have a bad record with homely, nice cuddly motherly types.
<ghostjar> question: are ghosts able to manifest with pets if they were killed together?
<JonathanStroud> I think about 15. But I intend to leave it vague, in the text.
<ghostjar> they clearly can with rats
<JonathanStroud> Ghost theories: two type 3s would, I think, be able to communicate, yes.
<lilacdream> Or was Wilberforce's ghost a changer?
<JonathanStroud> Greetings Mikefan. Well, there are people out there trying to get Bart made, and they've got some excellent ideas, so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.
<Faquarl> What happens to all those ghost hunters who can't get jobs as supervisors once they've grown up? I imagine there's only so many openings, and these kids don't seem to be paying too much attention to school
<MrCat> maybe that's how the skull knew what was behind lockwood's door, sister is a type 3 and they've been talking?
<ghostjar> i bet that was some interesting conversation
<lilacdream> Yes, I can imagine!
<Ada_> If his sister is anything like Lockwood, it probably was.
<JonathanStroud> Hmm... an intriguingly specific question from ghostjar there. I think most pets won't manifest as ghosts. The rats in WS are quite possibly an aspect of the poor guy's ghost: as with the Red Room, not all ghosts conveniently stick to single human forms. Some can be quite odd.
<JonathanStroud> Sorry, just reading lilacdream's comment. Yes, that's one possibility.
<Sentynel> we see Fittes agents with assorted exciting heavy weaponry that Lockwood and co don't use - is this a budget issue, or a style choice by Lockwood?
<ghostjar> yes... so much blood. that scene still gives me chills
<AnnabelWard> Me too, especially when replayed live in the kitchen...
<JonathanStroud> Most agents will get jobs within the big bureacracies of the largest agencies, or within DEPRAC, or working as advisors for the big corporations, such as Sunrise or Fairfax Iron. The fact that they're still alive means they're likely to have some useful qualities or at least survival skills.
<Faquarl> Are there any ghosts that don't bother people
<Faquarl> like they just hang around, maybe open doors for people
<Faquarl> i dont know
<ghostjar> just how high is the adolescent mortality rate?
<JonathanStroud> RE: Sentynel: it's basically budget. But LW is a bit of a traditionalist, too, and eschews the fancy gadgets of the biggest agencies. Or says he does.
<Nala> Question/plea: can you tell us anything about the orpheus society.. anything at all, however vague?
<ghostjar> well, he certainly likes his fancy italian rapiers
<Sentynel> will we see more of an appearance by religions in later books? we know they've done well in the aftermath of the problem, with major headquarters in the corporate centre of london etc, but we've never actually seen them directly
<Faquarl> dont we all though, ghostjar?
<Faquarl> have some class
<ghostjar> true, that
<JonathanStroud> Yes. Plenty of ghosts don't cause any real trouble at all. MOst type ones, for example. Some type 2s will be actively benevolent, or at the very least neutral. Only, it's more interesting to write about the nasty ones.
<JonathanStroud> Adolescent mortality is pretty high, actually. But the figures are suppressed.
<JonathanStroud> Orpheus Society: I can tell you we'll find out more in book three. :)
<JonathanStroud> Yes. I think LW would actually love to have some shiny gizmo that evaporated ghosts or something. But he's not got the finances.
<Nala> aaaaaargh :)
<Nala> i got what i asked for.
<ghostjar> if the problem is mostly confined to the uk with only some other countries having it, where did lockwoods parents get that many gizmos?
<Faquarl> i wonder if anyone tried to make a ghost busters style vacuum thing
<Nala> question: was lockwood's sister working with his parents, and is her ghost-like state related to their death?
<lilacdream> No spoilers :)
<JonathanStroud> I think religion will continue to be present in the background - it's one of the intriguing repercussions of the Problem. And some of the fanatical ghost-cults are pretty weird, and may cause trouble...
<ghostjar> and are the parents responsible for the sister's death?
<JonathanStroud> Well, I didn't say that ghosts were confined to the UK, only that the Problem was particularly bad there. Ghosts have always been around, all over the globe, and other countries have their own trad methods of dealing with them.
<JonathanStroud> Sorry Nala. I'd love to. But I can't. :)
<ghostjar> we haven't heard from other countries, even though the scene is in london. Why's that?
<Nala> another question, perhaps less spoilerific: is the "ghost world" more like a parallel realm, and could you hypothetically move through it (like ghosts move through our world?)
<JonathanStroud> The whole international aspect is something I have to build on. As with Bart, it only comes into view slowly. I tend to piece my worlds together from the middle, like constructing a jigsaw from the central pieces.
<ghostjar> would you end up like ptolemy after he went to the Other place?
<JonathanStroud> Nala is full of good questions. The afterlife, whatever it is, is clearly somewhere that can be reached from our side (ie. at point of death), and vice versa (when a ghost returns), but as to what that leads to, I couldn't at this moment say.
<AnnabelWard> As Ptolemy's been brought up can I bring up 1 Bart-related question I've had for a while? Can djinn fall in love?
<JonathanStroud> Certainly it wouldn't be an easy journey.
<ghostjar> will we find out the cause of the problem?
<JonathanStroud> Can a djinni fall in love? Hmm. Yes. There was an early footnote in AMulet about a historical pair of spirits who became so fond of one another that they ended up getting torn apart. One of them was Ianna, I think?
<JonathanStroud> Ghost-jar: Yes. In time.
<MrCat> so are ghosts actually people that have come back, rather than just an afterimage?
<AnnabelWard> Ahh yes ok
<ghostjar> yeah, and... asmoral?
<JonathanStroud> Speaking of time. I'm going to have to dematerialise at 9.00 (UK time!)...
<JonathanStroud> Yes, Asmoral!
<ghostjar> can ghosts preserve their personalities
<Faquarl> Remember Ammet?
<AnnabelWard> Yes it was Asmoral, of course
<Faquarl> Poor old Ammet
<ghostjar> hahaha
<Sentynel> okay, we've got ten minutes left then
<Sentynel> any last questions, ask them now
<Nala> Ianna is a beautiful name -reminds me of Inara. On another slightly more egoistic note, the greek version of Jenny is "Ienni"
<AnnabelWard> Only I read in a interview you'd never written an LGBT character. But I'm now 99% convinced Bart loves Ptolemy
<JonathanStroud> Good question from MrCat. Some of the type 1s are so faint and unconnected to what's actually around them, they almost count as an afterimage. But the more active members of the ghostly fraternity/sorority are certainly the spirits of the deceased, not mindless reproductions.
<AnnabelWard> Ooh interesting! (That's my real name)
<JonathanStroud> Oh, yes - Ammet is another example.
<DrMeh> Mr. Stroud, before you go, I just really wanted to ask: what are your thoughts about writing short stories about the background characters mentioned in Bartimaeus, like Asmoral and what happened in Italy and so on? Or is that a realm for fanfiction?
<Nala> oh no! okay: Do some ghosts want to escape "our" world? Do they not want to be trapped here, but actually seek release to the afterlife?
<ghostjar> do you get to choose whether you come back as a ghost or isn't it a conscious choice?
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<JonathanStroud> Ienni is lovely. How do you know the Greek version?
<Nala> I googled it extensively when I was in the business of choosing online usernames some ten odd years ago
<Nala> didn't source-check, though...
<AnnabelWard> Looks right. I studied a little bit of Ancient Greek a few years ago
<luciene> John, not sure if u answered this already but how many books long will the series be?
<JonathanStroud> I don't tend to label the emotional bonds between the characters. I think most of us experience a wide range of bonds with a wide range of people. Bart's certainly fond of Ptolemy. And Nathaniel.
<Ada_> In the Whispering Skull, they were talking about the Bone Glass and said something about how sources were weak spots where ghosts sort of migrated into the world or whatever. I was wondering if there would be more developments on this later in the series?
<luciene> I apologize for sorta missing your livechat
<JonathanStroud> Hello DrMeh. You mean, would I like to write short stories about the background characters? Well, when I was writing Ring of Solomon, that began as a series of short stories, featuring Bart, and I struggled, because he's too garrulous and verbose to be easily constrained in the short form. You could certainly do some great tales about the background figures, and in an ideal world I'd love to explore the worlds more. But ti
<AnnabelWard> Well, sorry, but that's what it looks like to me. His depiction has far more attention to detail than Egyptian art (I read lots about Egypt, purely as a hobby)
<JonathanStroud> sticking with the essential core plot.
<luciene> If you want to break records for longest YA book series written by a single author, its fine with me
<AnnabelWard> And me!
<JonathanStroud> Nala throws in another great question: yes, I think the motivation of ghosts varies. Some will certainly want to depart. Maybe most. A few, perverse in death as in life, may wish to remain...
<ghostjar> there are obviously better way to deal with ghosts, where you don't have to fight them, like with annabel ward, who didn't hurt lucy and dissappeared after she got her revenge
<AnnabelWard> Although the Redwall series by Brian Jacques has about 15-20 if not more so we could be waiting a while!!
<JonathanStroud> Hi Luciene: I'm contracted for 4, and I have notes for 5.
<ghostjar> can you do that with all ghosts, are agencies unaware of that (doubtful) or do they just ignore it in favour of making business?
<luciene> Excellent. We will campaign for an extention
<JonathanStroud> Hello Ada__ - yes. Very much so. Bits of theory intertwine with each case and are slowly drawn together...
<JonathanStroud> No problem, Luciene.
<Nala> Jonathan if you have to leave us soon, I just want to fangirl for a moment and say thanks so much for such a witty, well-written, and intriguing book series - one of my absolute favourites! Some friends of mine also pass along their thanks. cannot wait to find more answers and no doubt more frustrating hints in the next installment :-)
<DrMeh> Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to talk with you, Mr. Stroud, you're one of my favorite authors and I'm just so happy right now! Thank you!
<JonathanStroud> ghostjar is right. There are better ways/other ways, and Lucy is more inclined than LW to hunt for them.
<JonathanStroud> Business is important for all the agencies. Most aren't too interested in subtle, complex, uncertain methods of interacting with ghosts.
<ghostjar> Last note: I simply love your books, they have me on the edge of my seat, can't wait for more!
<Nala> lucy is going to save them all, isnt she
<AnnabelWard> Me too, and the word is spreading in Tidworth. Whispering Skull is never in...
<Faquarl> probably
<Nala> harnessing the power of marissa fittes, no doubt
<JonathanStroud> Well, thank you, Nala! You're very kind! I'll do my best to be pleasingly frustrating next time too! :)
<JonathanStroud> THanks, DrMeh! A pleasure.
<ghostjar> are we going to see more of skully?
<Faquarl> hey stroud before you go I found that one artist:
<Faquarl> http://shel-yang.deviantart.com/art/Cover-of-BARTIMAEUS-TRILOGY-481637067
<JonathanStroud> Thanks ghostjar. I'll keep scribbling.
<JonathanStroud> Lucy is stronger than she realises.
<AnnabelWard> Yes, thank you Jonathan, always a real pleasure getting to talk to you :)
<JonathanStroud> Oh, yes - our friend the skull will certainly be back.
<Sentynel> Yes, thanks again for your time and your writing, and we look forward to the Hollow Boy (probably)! Have a good evening!
<JonathanStroud> Thanks, AnnabelWard - hope you get your ceiling fixed.
<Nala> yes! we love skully
<ghostjar> yay!
<AnnabelWard> Hehe it is fixed now thanks
<ghostjar> he's my favourite character
<MrCat> thanks for coming!
<Ada_> Thanks, Mr. Stroud! This has been really interesting.
<lilacdream> The skull is great.
<ghostjar> this was awesome
<Faquarl> Thanks again!
<lilacdream> Indeed!
<lilacdream> Thank you!
<Mwamba> Farewell Mr Stroud
<luciene> Bye
<ghostjar> thank you for this wonderful chat, hope we didn't stress you out too much!
<Nala> Oohhhh do you have time for just one more?
* JonathanStroud has quit (Quit: Page closed)
<Nala> aw
<Sentynel> nope.
<Nala> oh well :-=
<ghostjar> hahaha
<Mwamba> Lolnope
<Nala> :-)
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<Faquarl> that was fun
<Nala> i only said that cause i feltl ike we were kicking him out anyway <<
* Jonathan__ has joined
<lilacdream> it was!
<MrCat> welcome back!
<Mwamba> Good questions guys
<Nala> guys! a new regular!
<Sentynel> goodness, is it time for the book three live chat already?
<ghostjar> let's hope
<Jonathan__> Thanks everyone! Had a slight glitch there, but it was a delight to spend time with you!
<Jonathan__> Okay, who's read The Hollow Boy, then? I'm expecting some excellent questions...
<ghostjar> seems like connection glitchts are a bit of a tradition
<AnnabelWard> Haha I wish!
<Nala> hahah
<ghostjar> hmm
<Jonathan__> Yes, it would be a bit boring to end with a conventional goodbye.
<Jonathan__> But I think that's what I'll have to do now...
<Faquarl> thru space and time
<MrCat> I thought the bartimaeus crossover in hollow boy was amazing
<Sentynel> perhaps we should end with lockwood and company throwing flares through the windows
<DrMeh> Thank you so m
<ghostjar> a love story
<DrMeh> So much!
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<Faquarl> that time Faquarl showed up and did the thing was great
<Jonathan__> Let's do this again soon! Bye!
<Nala> Bye! =D
<MrCat> bye!
<lilacdream> Bye!
<Faquarl> bye!!
<DrMeh> Goodnight!
<Nala> soon! yes. m ake it happen sam
<ghostjar> bye!
<ghostjar> wait. since when was evillaugh here
<AnnabelWard> Bye
* MagnesiumFlare has joined
<MagnesiumFlare> KABOOM
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Oooh, doing this was so awesome!
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Oh no... I missed it... :(
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That ending was awesome.
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If only it's not being held at 2.30 in the morning. But, I guess seeing the transcript is awesome too.
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The chat was so amazing!
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Who was magnesium flare at the end?
friends come and friends go, but enemies accumulate
education is important, school however, is another matter
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That's a good question. Poor MagnesiumFlare. He joined a little bit too late...
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Okay so when:

<JonathanStroud> Re. Ghostjar at 20.21: yes.

Which was he referring to? We have:

<ghostjar> and does lucy remind him of his sis?
<ghostjar> are we going to learn more about flo?
<ghostjar> was she an agent? [in reference to lockwood's sister]

I got kind of lost there, sorry
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Maybe yes to all of them?
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Nothing But The Rain

Nov 30 2014, 01:47 PM
Who was magnesium flare at the end?
That was me.
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Ah, okay! :)
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And we were so worried about him too. Sentynel, you have timestamps on your transcript, don't you? What was the question at 20.21?
friends come and friends go, but enemies accumulate
education is important, school however, is another matter
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Nothing But The Rain

It's on my laptop. Luciene said she'd sort a questions-and-answers summary out, though.
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Livechat 2: Summary

Sorry for the delay. If I missed a question, let me know.
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