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Jonathan Stroud
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Hello Askee,

Many thanks for your questions. Here are some answers....

1. I don't think it's too likely that I'll do a book focusing in on Bart and Ptolemy - mainly because the scenes I inserted into PG contained pretty much all I had to say about their relationship. To me, Ptolemy was interesting because of the impact that he had on Bart, and on the repercussions that had on his relationships with K and N all those centuries later. A few fleeting glimpses of Ptol were enough to bring this across. The danger of doing something more extensive would be that, since B and P got on so well, it might ultimately be lacking in the necessary tension. I suppose a short story might not be out of the question though... If I thought of a plot for one, I'd certainly be pleased to delve back to that stage of B's career.

2. Nope. Things are pretty quiet at the moment. But you never know: hopefully our luck will change soon.

3. I'm honoured that anyone would want to write new stories with Bart and co. It's a sign that the characters have life beyond the confines of the page, which is pretty much the holy grail for any author. More power to your pens!

4. That's a great question and I've never considered this before. You're quite correct - by rights, Ptolemy should probably have the shaven head and sidelock thing, shouldn't he? But when I wrote the bit in Amulet when B changes into Ptolemy in Trafalgar Square, I just had him as a dark-haired kid, with a full head of hair. I suppose B might have 'adapted' his memory of Ptol to conform with modern London (he was wearing leather jacket etc too), but ever since then I've visualised him in full-hair mode. I guess in the flashbacks we should probably imagine him with sidelock - though that being so, you'd expect B to have made a rude comment or two about it, wouldn't you...?

Good luck with YOUR writing!

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