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Nov 12 2010, 08:01 PM
I will put forward a most unusual suggestion. Very few people know (and even fewer books report) that in July 1334 in my home town of Bologna, Italy, a battle took place with was called... The Sh_t Battle! (Seriously!).

The town was being controlled by foreigners (French), who exploited the local population. The people of Bologna rebelled, so the French troops retreated in a castle near the city gate. The local population did not have any stone-throwers and could not possibly siege a castle, but then... Someone had a smart idea: let's literally cover them with... You understand, don't you?

At that time, very few people had toilets at home and cities were full of animals (horses, for examples), therefore it was easy to find "ammunitions". For days, the castle was constantly bombarded and the weather was so scoarching... After a while, the French surrendered. Besides being funny, this story also proves that a war can be won at no cost and without taking any human lives.

Now, imagine if Bartimaeus had been there. Can you imagine him suggesting how to win the battle... and maybe giving a "contribution"?

OMG!. you have just made my day, especially since i was having a cr*ppy one to begin with : D
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